Interesting food facts in Vietnam

It is said that Vietnamese cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world. It is good mixture among vegetables and meats and diversified spices to create an unforgettable dish with a fine taste.

With this reason, many foreigners decided to go to Vietnam to enjoy the unique cuisine. Hereby, some interesting points of Vietnam food will be marked to inspire your trip if you are about to go to Vietnam.

• Rice, fresh vegetables and herbs are important elements to make Vietnamese food become one of the healthiest cuisines.

• Noodle is one of the favorite dishes in Vietnam. It is made from rice – the basic ingredient. Sometimes wheat and bean are ingredients to make noodle.

• Fish sauce is one of the most common spices in Vietnamese food. You can see fish sauce in the center of “mam com”. It seems to be the soul of all Vietnamese dishes. However, as foreigners, you should be aware the chef if you cannot bear its smell and taste.

• You also get used to using chopsticks to enjoy Vietnamese food.

• Exotic meats like dog, cat and mouse are quite common for locals. If you spend a visit to a market in rural area of Vietnam, you may catch mice like chicken displayed. Vietnamese people often spend these special dishes to welcome guests because they think that these dishes are delicious and nutritious 🙁

• A typical Vietnamese meal will have rice, a meat or seafood dish, a vegetable dish, soup and fish sauce.

• Green tea – the most common drink, is offered as a courtesy to guests or visitors.

We hope that you know these points to be more familiar with Vietnamese culture in general, Vietnamese cuisine in specific.

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