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    Wonderful Honeymoon Tour

    That’s a great wedding gift. On my wedding day, her best friend gave us a trip to Vietnam. She and I, we have the same hobbies: Movie, music, sports,… and traveling…

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    Great time in Vietnam

    Vietnam is, undoubtedly, the most interesting and beautiful country that we have visited in Southeast Asia. We love everything about Vietnam, from its accommodating people, its astonishingly varied landscape to its…

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    The taste of village life in Vietnam

    Village life in Vietnam is the richest form of ancient culture tinged in modern times. Vietnam is located in South East Asia and is an “S” shaped country. About 3.77 million…

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    My Vietnam visa experience

    I have just spent a summer vacation in Vietnam. I really enjoyed the trip, but one thing I found rather confused was how to apply Vietnam visa. Therefore I decided to…

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    Watch the first sunlight in Vietnam

    Last July, I decided to take a break from the pressure and hurry of my work and life in Tokyo by traveling to Vietnam where I had a nephew living in.…

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    A little Duong Lam ancient

    Over time, the old mark was printed on each of the house, the road in the small village of Duong Lam.…