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Посещение Ха Лонг Bay: 5 захватывающий опыт этим летом

Discovering Ha Long Bay from the air by the seaplane or going sightseeing by the cruiser are some remarkable experiences for tourists when visiting Ha Long.

Залив Халонг (Quang Ninh province) is one of the most attractive destinations in Northern Vietnam. В последнее время, there are more and more hotels and amusement parks built to attract local as well as foreign tourists. Here are five exciting activities you should definitely try when visiting Ha Long:

Number 1: Experiencing Ha Long Bay cruise

It would be unfortunate if you leave Ха Лонг without spending time on the cruise. If you don’t have enough time to stay overnight, you can choose a short tour of about 4-5 часов. The cruises usually depart from Tuan Chau International Marina Station. Ticket prices range from 300,000 VND to 400,000 VND per adult. For this journey, tourists can visit some of the most famous caves in the bay such as Thien Cung, Dau Go, and Sung Sot, spend time on Titop beach or go kayaking.

Number 2: Bathing and Swimming on Bai Chay beach

A few years ago, Бай Чай, Ha Long is an untouched beach with many cliffs and rough stone. Nowaday, Bai Chay coastal road was renovated by a big corporations so there are many new projects have been built to attract tourists.

Number 3: Experiencing the Ха Лонг Queen Cable Car

The Ha Long Queen Cable Car has two floors with a capacity of 230 persons. It’s routine from Bai Chay Beach to Hon Gai town. From the cabin, tourists can contemplate the whole city from above.

Number 4: Experiencing the Sun Wheel in Ha Long Sun World Complex

Right here, tourist can take part in the highest wheel in the worldthe Sun Wheel. Located atop of Ba Deo mountain at nearly 250m above the sea-level, Sun Wheel places among the top world’s tallest sightseeing Ferris wheels. Sun Wheel Ha Long, featuring a total of 64 cabins with 384 passengers and a capacity of 1.200 passengers/hour, promises to provide visitors with a brand new outlook while gazing down the breath-taking panoramic landscape of Ha Long Bay.

Number 5: Contemplating Ха Лонг from seaplane

15 mind-blowing minutes on the plane will help you take a panoramic view of the whole city into your mind.


Источник: Vietnam Tour Blog


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